SACHA Associate Director:

Ellen Perkins:

Ellen Perkins is associate pastor at the Roach/Glemboski Healing Sanctuary, an ordained minister and is a practitioner at SACHA.  She has studied with several teachers in the field of energy work and has honed a lot of her study recently to Healing Touch and RoHun card reading. Her talent in this area is exceptional and she formulates a deep connection with her clients. Not only is Ellen the associate pastor at Sanctuary but she assists with monthly Healing Touch Practices and with Healing Touch classes run in the area.  Ellen is no newcomer to energy, her great-grandmother was a known Healer in her community, with her generous spirit of “laying of the hands” to anyone who asked. She recognized it as a gift given to her by the divine. So, for as long as Ellen can remember, she has always recognized and worked with the beautiful energy that surrounds and connects us.  She also works in various capacities to bring awareness of this energy to everyone through festivals, community service, and private sessions through referrals and recommendations.  Ellen has joined with her daughter learning body work as well and is certified in Reflexology and Cranial-Sacral techniques.  Ellen was an organizer of the Kindred Spirits Fair and for several years helped coordinate retreats at Mount Eden Retreat in Washington, NJ.  Ellen is on the path to certification as a Healing Touch practitioner and most recently has been using her artistic talent to create beautiful crafts that continue to make the energy she works with to life. Ellen is a mother to three beautiful children and walks the path of the Divine feminine honoring our connection to nature.

Healing Sanctuary Staff:
The Roach/Glemboski Healing Sanctuary welcomes new healers to its staff. Welcome Michelle Sammarco, Irene Fein O'Connor and Mary Stydocker.  Our long time staff are, Associate Pastor, Ellen Perkins, healers, Sasha Polonko, Rachel Portella, Laurie Meivogel, Sue Farley and Lisa Nelson.  Sanctuary and our Healing Touch Community are so blessed and lucky to have you! 

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