The Self Awareness Center for Holistic Arts:

SACHA, is a health and wellness center open in Northwest New Jersey.We specialize in heart-centered, integrative, healing modalities.  Our staff  is committed to providing you with just the right experience. We will meet with you prior to your session to listen to your thoughts and concerns and set goals for the session.  You will be an active partipant in the healing process and whether you want to experience some pain relief, spiritual or emotional healing or just want to relax and relieve stress, we will provide an attentive, loving and very individual session. 

SACHA Founder and Director:

Isle Polonko, HTCP/I, RH.T,  is the founder and director of  SACHA and the Roach-Glemboski Healing Sanctuary.  She has been working with energy in various forms since she was very young.  Over the years her use of healing energy manifested in numerous ways as a counselor for abused children and in her love for Nature and the healing properties of the Earth Mother.  Years ago Isle's journey took on a more structured path on recommendation of her sister, Sociologist and child rights advocate, Dr. Karen Polonko, as she studied professionally with some amazing healing instructors:  Dr. Dottie Graham of GISA, Mary Ann Geoffrey of Total Health Dimensions and Eric Pearl of the Reconnection.   Isle continues to work as a conduit for healing using the various modalities in which she has concentrated her study.  All modalities are heart centered and based on unconditional love in healing.  Isle is an ordained minister with the Church of Wisdom, able to provide legal officiation at weddings and other ceremonies, a certified RoHun practitioner and initiated High Priestess.  She is also an Inner Sound Tuning Fork practitioner and Reconnective Healing practitioner as well as Pastor of the Roach-Glemboski Healing Sanctuary.  Isle is also mother to an exceptional being of light in this world, her daughter Sasha, from whom she has learned the true meaning of the word Sacred.  Isle honors the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Energy in each of us and the interconnectedness of all life.  Isle focuses on the sacred journey and encourages others to discover their own path to light, love and healing. 

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Self Awareness Center for Holistic Arts