Level 1 Healing Touch Class happening  September 10 & 11, 2017. The class is running in Union, NJ and runs 8:00 to 6pm both days.  The class is currently scheduled to be held at Just The Right Touch Massage, a premier massage and spa business in Union.  You can call instructor Isle Polonko for additional information or directions at 908-362-6360. The phones are not staffed so please press 1 to leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as is possible.  You can also email us at  Please check out the Healing Touch Program website, to get detailed information about this sacred and heart centered method of healing.  See you there!

The following are classes we have run from time to time.  We will keep you posted when they get scheduled to run again.

Past Life Regression
Each of us has been here on this beautiful Earth many times.  Each journey we take leaves an impression on our future lives.  Come experience one of those former journeys and learn the effect it is having on the life you are living today.

Group RoHun process. 
Come experience the beauty of RoHun.  Meet your Divine Chakra entities.  Experience the freedom of the release of faulty thought patterns and negative behavior patterns on a cellular level.  Experience the divine gift of forgiveness and heal yourself both back and forward through the ages.  This is the gift of RoHun. 

Balancing Your Own Chakras
A life out of balance is a life that is not lived to the absolute fullest.  Experience two guided chakra balancing meditations you can use in your personal life that will keep your chakra system balanced and working in perfect harmony.

Finding Your Animal Totem
Each of us has Spirit Guides and Animal Totems that walk beside us and help guide and protect us in our daily living.  Native peoples believed we each had 9 Animal Totems.  Come and connect with one of your Totems and understand their loving influence in your life.
Drum Journey Meditation
The drum is the heart beat of the Mother Earth.  It connects us to her in a deep, life-supporting way.  Come experience a journey guided entirely by the drum, the heart beat of the Mother. 
Spirit Guide Communication Introduction
As we walk this journey we have Guides who walk with us, helping us, healing us, guiding us...  Come learn the basics of Spirit Guide Communication and begin the building of a relationship with your own Guides.

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