Long Distance Healing
Because we are a connected group of beings, healing can occur across continents.  If you would like a healing session but you are unable to find the time to come to the center, we can do a healing session with you long distance.  You can be on the phone with us while the session is running or you can find a quiet place to sit or lie down while your session takes place.  Either way, people have reported remarkable results with long distance healing.  The fee for your long distance session is discounted to $45.

RoHun Therapy
RoHun is a transformational therapy and process of enlightenment, blending spiritual and psychological processes for individual evolution on both levels.  The techniques are innovative and deep-reaching.  RoHun is a process of transformation that heals on a cellular level and systematically enlightens our thoughts and feelings.  Sessions include hypnosis, regression, release of faulty thought and negative behavior patterns and journey to forgiveness and healing.  Sessions average 3 hours.  The fee for a personal RoHun session
is $180 per session. 

Healing Touch
Healing Touch is a biofield therapy utilizing non invasive techniques to clear, energize and balance the human energy fields thus affecting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing.  Indications for Healing Touch include:
Deep relaxation
Facilitation of wound healing
Reduction of pain
Decreased anxiety and stress
Prevention of illness
Enhancement of spiritual development
Preparation for medical procedures

Tuning Fork Technique
Inner Sound is an original system of sound and music healing, complementary to all therapies utilizing sound for the purpose of energetic healing.  Forks are applied at the ears and sessions run independently from 15 minutes to one half hour, or in conjunction with other modalities.  The fee for independent Tuning Fork sessions are $40 per 1/2 hour session.  $20 for 15 minute session.

Past Life Regression
Experience healing through the ages by understanding effect of past life experiences on present day life. 
Raindrop Technique
Essential oils have been used since ancient times.  This modern day technique involves gently dropping essential oils on the body followed by the use of a brushing technique similar to that of the Lakota people.  Experience the structural and electrical allignment and balance that this gentle technique brings.  Sessions average 60 to 90 minutes and utilize 9 Young Living Essential Oils.  (Sessions can be personalized.)  The fee for a Raindrop session is $90.
Healing Drum
Privately or in groups experience the ancient, healing power of the drum. Give yourself over to the deep emotional and spiritual healing that is the drum’s gift; the heartbeat of the Earth Mother.

Totem Journey
Native people believed that all living things on this beautiful Earth are alive with Spirit.  Our animal brothers and sisters are not only part of our Earth family, but are our spiritual leaders and guides.  Journey to meet your animal totem and learn how to walk in guidance. 

NOTE:  All private sessions run approximately one (1) hour unless otherwise noted.  The fee for one hour healing sessions in any modality is $80 unless otherwise noted. 


Group Classes
At least once a month, group classes are offered.  See our Group page for more information.

Additional month long, consecutive evening classes in RoHun are offered from time to time.  Keep posted for more information. 

Individual Services
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